what is pikliz?

Pikliz, pronounced PICK-leez, is the most popular condiment and cultural symbol of Haiti! Used like hotsauce, every Haitian home makes its own batch and keeps a jar on the table to be enjoyed with all savory meals. Americans who have ever sat down for an authentic Haitian meal will recognize pikliz as the spicy slaw served with the meal.

is pikliz a hot sauce?

Pikliz is traditionally used like a hot sauce as it packs heat from its featured ingredient – a variety of chili pepper.  It is not a sauce that runs out of a small opening of a jar. Instead, you would use a fork to lift the pickled mix of shredded veggies and habanero peppers out of a wide-mouthed jar filled with spicy brine. It’s a heartier and more mouthful alternative to the typical hot sauce.

Our recipe uses habanero chili peppers, which carry a nice level of heat; however, our blends are nicely balanced and won’t overwhelm the palate. In fact, our expectation is that our pikliz will awaken the flavors in your dishes, making them more noticeable and pleasantly complex. We always recommend trying a little at first and increasing per your own taste.  

Our pikliz is available in hot and mild. 

how should i eat pikliz?

In Haitian homes, pikliz is traditionally served alongside almost every meal. Its versatility makes it an extraordinarily flavorful component to all kinds of dishes: enjoy it on your eggs [scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, deviled, omelets, sunny-side up], add to soups, stews, and sandwiches; use for creating dipping sauces, making stir fries and dressings. Pikliz is especially good with avocados and can be one simple ingredient for a delicious guacamole. The possibilities for using pikliz are endless!

Some of our favorite non-traditional pikliz pairings: on raw oysters, in spicy bloody marys, on burgers and hot dogs, and especially on a Vietnamese banh mi!

Super simple recipes:

  • toasted bagel + plain cream cheese + pikliz + smoked salmon [lox] 
  • Avocado + pikliz + salt

Visit our tasty gallery or check out our recipe page for ideas on incorporating pikliz into your everyday meals.


Yes!  Cooking with pikliz is a great option, especially when using the brine. If you have leftover brine, use it in hearty soups to help balance out rich flavors, you may also use it to marinate and tenderize your meats before grilling (this is amazingly flavorFULL!). Another great option is to use the brine plus some citrus juice to ceviche your favorite shellfish for a delicious and refreshing summer treat. [We fully recognize that ceviche does not involve the “act of” cooking; however, it is technically a cooking process. So there!] One more suggestion with a bit of rhyme: combine the brine in your favorite mac-n-cheese grind. This creates a fresh zest that cuts through the rich layers of cheese in the dish - you will now be able to have complete appreciation for that bowl of cheesy goodness. 

Do you have other products?

Yes! We also have salted plantain chips - a great snack and game-time treat; and a dry spice blend made with all organic ingredients - this blend is intended to help you conveniently bring all the primary flavors of Haitian cuisine into your kitchen. We will continue to bring you more products, so stay tuned by joining our newsletter list.