welcome to thisHAITI

thisHAITI began with a mission to share delicious, authentic, handcrafted Haitian food products using the finest natural and/or organic ingredients.  At the heart of Haiti, you will find Pikliz [pick-leez] – a source of pride that sits at the center of Haitian cuisine. More than just pickled veggies and peppers, pikliz is a spicy condiment--used like hot sauce, and forms a necessary part of the foodie lifestyle. In addition to pikliz, we offer salted plantain chips, and Haitian dry spice blend made with organic ingredients. These are great ways for you to experience a taste of Haiti! 





500 Harrison Ave
(between Cinquecento and Mohr & McPherson)
Boston, MA 02118

SATURDAYS 10am - 4pm: 

April: 29
May: 13 + 27
June: 10 + 24
July: 1 + 15 + 29
August: 12 + 26
September: 9 + 23
October: 7